Thursday, February 20, 2014

Speakeasy to me

Jason and I had our first official London date night. After a much needed rest from the day's sights, we bundled up and left our hotel near Hyde Park to catch the tube to Tottenham Court Road.

Following a yummy dinner in Soho, we took a short walk over to Phoenix Theater to see the much anticipated musical Once.

Jason and I actually watched this movie together years ago and were incredibly moved by it. So it was an easy choice to see it as our first London show. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it. You definitely have to be in the mood for something romantic, raw, and deep-thinking, but the music is fabulous. 

The show certainly didn't disappoint. Although they changed the story a bit, they stuck to the same premise and the actors had incredible musical talent. Before the show began, they invited audience members onstage to drink and dance, in order set the tone as a real Irish pub.

We enjoyed the ambiance from our seats, sipping on our Whiskey Gingers! 

After the show, we snuck over to Chinatown to see if we could get into a speakeasy in the basement of a sticky bun shop that I had heard about.

To stick with the speakeasy theme, I won't disclose the exact location, but I will say the gentlemen discreetly standing at the door were holding children's books - apparently a cover for the guest list.

We did finally get in, and it was definitely worth it. The drinks were unique and refreshing, but too pricey for me to stay for more than one. It brought back fond memories of my favorite speakeasy behind the phone booth in a certain hot dog shop in NYC :) 

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