Thursday, February 20, 2014

London calling

The pups had their first overnight at the doggy hotel (more on that to come). In short, it was a very positive experience for them and we think they will be excited to return soon. Word on the street is Dexter had relatively good behavior, thanks to loads of sausage treats from the staff (resulting in a total itch-fest when we brought him home due to skin allergies, but could be worse, right?).

Anyways, with the "kids" gone for the night, we caught the train down to London for a quick 48-hour city break. It was Jason's first time to London and it's been almost ten years since I've been. What a treat it is visiting as an adult, with your husband, and getting to stay in a real hotel! Don't get me wrong, my previous visits to London as a free-spirited college student studying abroad were unforgettable, but I don't want to sleep with my belongings (literally) in a co-ed hostel room ever again.

Here are some scenes from our quick weekend trip:

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