Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grantchester Meadows

Last Saturday, we woke up to blue skies and sunshine. They say that when the sun comes out in England, every British person heads outside to enjoy it. Today was no exception. So we joined the crowds and took advantage of a gorgeous spring-like day (although still wearing our winter coats and gloves). Fira and Dexter were excited about the sunshine too.

If you follow the River Cam past the University of Cambridge colleges and head south about 3 miles, there is an adorable village called Grantchester. We had read about Grantchester's beautiful meadows along the river and couldn't wait to take the dogs there.

Fira was in all her glory, with what seemed like miles and miles of space to run after her ball in.

Dexter appeared less enthused, but still seemed to have an enjoyable time. He preferred to guard us and patrol the land while using his hawk-eye vision to spot small moving objects in the distance to bark at, such as a leaf. Cheeky boy, isn't he?

 Daddy, I'm sitting so nicely. Pretty please will you throw the ball?

Along the edge of the meadow, there was a gravel path that sparked our curiosity.

Turns out 'The Orchard' is a delightful little cafe with an outdoor seating area right next to the meadows.

We stopped in for a light lunch to eat outside. Some could argue it was even lemonade weather!

 Afterwards, Fira had round #2 at the meadows. She had so much fun, she even split her ball in half!

If this is any indication of what's to come with spring and summer, we are in for a real treat. Although I've heard the summers are rather short-lived, so we will wait and see...nothing this Seattle girl can't handle.

Sunday was back to cloudy skies with wind and on and off drizzles all day. We stayed in to relax, unpack more boxes, and watch the BBC Amanda Knox coverage on our new TV. 

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  1. How unusual that is to stumble upon such a unique place! The entrance to The Orchard reminds me of the Secret Garden movie. If you kept the lemonade bottle, flowers would look very cute in it. Another great day for the dogs which look very happy. Miss you...Love you...xoxo