Sunday, February 9, 2014


Imagine a trip to Walmart and Target the day after Thanksgiving. Or better yet, a trip to Costco the day before Thanksgiving. Yeah, both are not fun, which is why I try to avoid those kinds of shopping experiences at all costs. That's basically how I felt after spending 5 hours in a British Ikea on a Sunday.  Oh and btw, American children are not the only ones who are misbehaved.

When in Rome...

I now fully understand the value of Ikea's "flat-packed" boxes. For places like this, where there isn't a single SUV to be found in the parking lot.

From the car to the temporary holding area of the cottage until we move. Dexter's guarding (or waiting for dinner).

Wine, anyone?!?

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  1. We were chatting about you today at Amanda's shower and wondering how the move was going! So glad we can follow all your adventures from afar. Yikes--5 hours at an IKEA sounds like torture.