Monday, February 10, 2014

Cambridge Winter Ale Festival

Since we've arrived in England, Jason and I have enjoyed trying out the local beers.  Even though beer hasn't really ever been my libation of choice (I do love my wine), I appreciate things that are locally produced and have been made with great attention to detail. It's actually quite fun to taste the flavors in each sip, just like I would typically do with wine. Anyways, a few weekends ago we spent a Friday night at the Cambridge Winter Ale Festival, a seasonal event that is put on by the University Social Club.

 There were two floors, each with a full wall of Cask Ales. Cask ale, often referred to in pubs as "real ale," is basically unfiltered and unpasteurized beer that is conditioned and served from a cask without the addition of carbon dioxide pressure that you would typically find in keg beer (thanks Wikipedia). We've personally found that most real ales are served at room temperature, although I've heard that's a myth.

My favorite was The English Ale - which was first brewed to celebrate the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. What can I say? I'm not ashamed of my infatuation with William and Kate. 

It was also interesting to see the variety of people that came to the festival...students, professors, and locals of all ages. 

And new friends!

There was also an international section. If you look closely, you will see representation from our very own PNW! 

We finished the night at one of Cambridge's most famous pubs - The Eagle. 

Turns out it isn't just famous for it's ambience and rustic decor, but actually for something pretty substantial.


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