Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dover Castle and The Cliffs of Dover

 The town of Dover is on the southeast coast of England, about an hour southeast of London. With a huge, historically significant castle and gorgeous white cliffs, the town is definitely one of England's gems. It's also where you can catch the ferry to France.

Underneath the castle is a series of hidden tunnels which served as the hiding place for many British soldiers during WWII after they were rescued from the shores of Dunkurk, France.

After several hours of exploring at the castle, we drove just a little further along the coastline to see the Cliffs of Dover.

We were so far out on the coast, my mobile picked up French phone service.

"Bffs" since 2nd grade...

We also had some fun with special effects. We all attempted, but it turns out the ginger won for most impressive jump. I guess years of playing baseball paid off. It's a catcher's pose in the air.

A view of the castle in the distance, right at the golden hour. 

Another perspective from sea level.

The Cliffs of Dover are absolutely stunning. I don't think England get's enough credit for some of the natural beauty it has to offer! 

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  1. So beautiful! They really are the white cliffs of Dover!