Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day at the Coast

After much searching, we finally found a great dog-friendly beach that is a reasonable distance from us for a day trip. Dunwich Beach allows dogs on the beach all year round. It has free parking, is clean, has a beautiful backdrop, and isn't too crowded.

The North Sea is a liiiitle too choppy for ideal dog swimming conditions, but Jason was careful to only throw the ball out a short distance. Just enough for Fira to show off her skills.

Like many of the England's beaches, instead of traditional sand there were tons of pebbles everywhere.

We felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves!

Back at it, after a bit of sun bathing.

Dexter the sun worshiper. What a happy boy sitting next to his Dad.

Fira was tuckered out.

Next, we drove a few miles north to the more popular beach town of Southwold to grab some dinner.

Fira was more rested after her nap in the car and had the special privilege of sitting with the humans during dinner. 

Afterwards, the four of us had a lovely evening walk.

We even caught a glimpse of the lighthouse peeking through the row of terraced houses.

Dexter was a tired boy the following morning. Lazy Sunday.

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