Sunday, July 13, 2014

Turning 30 in England

I was excited to turn the big 3-0 while on this adventure of ours. I was also feeling ready for the next  decade. There is something about feeling more self-assured in your thirties. Ironically, I also turned 21 in England (with a rather different, less classy kind of celebration, might I add). Guess there is something about this country. Many of you know that I am not a fan of having birthday parties for myself (I LOVE going to big celebrations for other people though). When too much attention is on me, I end up drinking too much wine. My idea of birthday bliss is being out to dinner with close friends and family or exploring a faraway place with Jason.

The morning started with a wonderful surprise from sweet husband. Now I can ride around Cambridge with Dexter in the basket. Riiiight. We're still working on that. I also got a delivery of beautiful flowers from Emily.

DeAnna had recently flown in to Manchester to visit her fiancé, Steve, so the two of them drove down on Friday evening to spend the weekend with us in Cambridge. On Friday night, we had a delicious dinner out at The Backstreet Bistro. This was an incredible farm-to-table experience and one of the best dinners we've had out since moving here.

After a fun evening of good wine, perfecting/butchering our English accents, and embarrassing our significant others with our silliness, we all woke up the next morning in need of some strong coffee and cuddle time with the pups. Eventually, we all got ready and set out to explore Cambridge. It was DeAnna and Steve's first time here and we wanted them to see the historical city centre.

We stopped for lunch at The Anchor, right on the River Cam. The Anchor is an ideal place to watch people trying to self-punt down the river. It can be quite entertaining!

Quick side note: I couldn't be happier for these two! Steve is a great, easy going guy with a witty sense of humor (and also happens be a huge Seahawks fan). He's perfect for De. When her and I are together, he isn't even phased by our liveliness!

Let's try that again.

I recently heard that swans are capable of using their neck with enough force to break a human's arm. I'm sure glad that didn't happen.

It was a fabulous birthday weekend. DeAnna and Steve, thanks for making the drive down. We had tons of fun! 

The following morning, Jason and I were up early and off to Morocco!


  1. this might be my second time posting this comment - but i don't see it, so here it is again:

    Great post, Laney! We had a fab time visiting and celebrating the big 3-0 with you! Thanks for being such wonderful hosts! Also, i like your description of our behavior as "liveliness" - that's a very PC way to put it! :) Miss you guys! xoxo

  2. We both live in Cambridge and blog! I am over at We should meet up for coffee!