Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day Trip to Felixstowe

Fira was very spoiled in Tacoma. In the late spring and summer months, she would strut walk down to the beach with her head held high and go for a swim and romp in the sand almost weekly. Sigh, the joys of being a native of the PNW (and never being more than a 10 min walk to the water). Needless to say, we were eager to take her to the Suffolk coast, which is the closest "beachy" area from Cambridge. We decided on Felixstowe for our first trip, which ended up being incredibly windy but still a ton of fun. 

This was our first experience with sand from British beaches. Lots of little pebbles. I quite enjoyed it, less messy easy to just shake right out your shoes.

Poor Fira, she wanted to get in the water so bad. It just wasn't safe, even an olympic swimmer like her could get carried out to sea.

There were an assortment of brightly colored huts lining the shore. Turns out people use them for beach parties in the summer. Inside, there is typically a small sitting area and when the doors are open, you can extend your living area onto the beach in front of the hut. 

Felixstowe had a bit of a Coney Island/Jersey Shore feel. But also verrrry British! Quite the fusion.

After a long day of walking the entire coast line of Felixstowe, we were in the mood for proper Fish and Chips.

Dexter was so tired the next morning, he refused to get out of bed. Can you spot the dog?

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