Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekend Scenes & Living Simply

We've been having some gorgeous weather here lately, which makes for incredible weekends. I recently heard that the UK is forecasted to have one of the hottest summers yet. So far I'm not complaining!

Saturday morning hits and we are out the door with Fira and Dexter, going for long walks into the countryside or taking country drives to discover new places. Back in the states, it's always been really difficult for me to let go of everyday stresses when the weekend comes. I constantly felt so overwhelmed by everything on my to-do list, that I ended up not appreciating what's around me to the fullest  - it definitely affected my own happiness and my relationships with family and friends. It's amazing how easy it is to practice 'mindfulness' when I really try to live more simply and value my experiences vs placing so much value on material items and trying to keep up with societal expectations of what I should be doing for my age (house, kids, cars, etc). I know I will inevitably (proudly) fall back into a more traditional American lifestyle when we move home and have a family, but for now we are enjoying living a little more unconventionally.

Warning - major dog bragging in photos to follow!

 Jason sporting his "American" sunglasses as he calls them.

The dogs have been spending their Mondays zonked out on the couch recovering from their adventures. I keep pinching myself to make sure this is really our life!  There is so much natural beauty and new opportunity around us - we are feeling pretty lucky at the moment.

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