Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spoiled Pups

Fira and Dexter received their very own care package yesterday, sent by their favorite person/second mother, Yolanda (our neighbor in Tacoma who they used to spend a lot of time with).

She went alllllll out and spoiled them. New coats from Mud Bay that are "warmer than their other ones" she says. I definitely agree. They are much thicker and have a special feature that helps keep their tummies warmer. Perfect for unpredictable England weather.

Fira looks gorgeous in purple. 

Dexter looks dapper as usual.

And salmon treats! I haven't been giving them their daily salmon oil in their food, so these will be yummy and nutritional!

Fira and Dexter are so lucky to have Yolanda in their life. Every time we call her through Skype, they run into the room because they hear her voice. 

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