Friday, March 21, 2014

City Break

When I studied abroad almost 10 years ago, I did quite a bit of backpacking around Europe, some on my own and some with friends. However, the ONE place that my parents strongly advised me against traveling to was Amsterdam. Mom and Dad, what did you think I was gonna do? ;)

Well, ironically, today we're headed to AMSTERDAM!!!!! I actually didn't plan for Amsterdam to be our first country to visit outside the UK, I promise.

And honestly, what I'm really looking forward to is tulips, museums, good food (dutch pancakes anyone?), and beautiful architecture. Oh, and people watching.

Fira and Dexter will be relaxing at the doggy hotel.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

1 comment :

  1. Oh yes, I do remember how we felt about that 10 years ago! Now you and Jason can enjoy Amsterdam together!! Have a great time.
    I love you....xo