Monday, January 20, 2014

Life in Huntingdon

It's been a week and a half since we arrived in Huntingdon, and we are slowly settling in to our little cottage - our temporary home for the next 4 weeks. Huntingdon, the birth place of Oliver Cromwell, is a quaint market town in Cambridgeshire.

Our cottage is about a two minute walk to the main road that goes through the heart of town with shops and restaurants. The bus stop is literally right outside our door with easy access to Cambridge and surrounding villages.

It has been a bit tricky with the dogs being so close to such a busy road. On our first morning, I opened the door to take the dogs out and was face to face with a crowd of people waiting at the bus stop - staring at me in my pajamas! I immediately closed the door and re-thought that plan. Ironically, the town vet is a few doors down. Fira and Dexter immediately established this as their potty spot. 

Overall, we have really enjoyed the pedestrian friendly lifestyle, something I've been craving since my days in the big apple. We love taking walks through town.

Many of the locals in town have approached us, commenting "how handsome" Dexter is. Unfortunately, the moment they even look at him the wrong way, he starts barking up a storm. We are hoping this is part of the adjustment process and only temporary. He is definitely having a harder time adjusting than Miss Fira. 

In typical Soden-Bartley fashion, we've enjoyed trying out the town restaurants. The first being a fabulous Indian restaurant recommended to us by the owners of the cottage. Yummy chicken tikka masala and beef vindaloo!

There is an old english inn called The George Hotel with a cozy restaurant inside. I was drooling over the old-fashioned decor and the vintage details.

We also have a few great parks nearby with lots of other dogs to mingle with. Fira has already clocked several hours of chasing her tennis balls and showing off her agility, one of her favourite favorite past times!

With two humans and two pups, it definitely feels cramped, but we are learning how to optimize our space, stay organized, and most importantly, live with less!!!

Dexter on our first night, exploring his new surroundings...

Despite the cramped space, the dogs' comfort certainly hasn't been compromised. 

They have also found comfort in each other.

One thing that hasn't changed is the familiar sound of the Seahawks in the living room!

Although our charming cottage has been a wonderful place for us to call "home" while we settle into life in the UK, we are very excited to move to Cambridge in a few weeks! 


  1. So incredible!! I can't wait to read more! The pics of your puppies and surrounding area are adorable and beautiful! Will you take pictures of your cottage also?

  2. Wow, I am so excited for you guys. And happy that the "kids" are settling in. Would love to be there to visit the shops and restaurants. Maybe we can get there during the holidays. Would love to see England that time of year. Love and miss you guys.

  3. The cottage looks so cute and quaint! Can't wait for more pictures

  4. I'm enjoying your Blog with all your wonderful photos. I laughed while reading your face to face bus stop crowd pajama encounter!! Little Dexter will just need more time to adjust...he'll come around. Miss. Fira is always up for a new adventure, fun, and new smells. Sure miss you guys ALOT. I love you...xo