Thursday, January 30, 2014

British Dog Food

I think it's safe to say the pups are eating the filet mignon of dog food (and costing us a pretty penny). Before our move, I researched the possibility of the dogs staying on their same food that I typically buy at Mud Bay. No dice. After checking out Amazon UK and many other online pet supply sites in the UK, I quickly discovered there is limited accessibility to US sold pet foods (even though Fira and Dexter's particular food is manufactured in British Columbia). Since we give them grain free duck food to accommodate Dexter's allergies, we were also limited on selection. Anyways, I researched quite a bit and read a ton of reviews. I finally settled on Lily's Kitchen Goose and Duck Feast with Berries for their wet food and James Wellbeloved Duck and Rice for their dry. Both are very highly regarded in the UK and can easily be ordered from Amazon UK. Luckily, the food arrived a few days after we did.

A closer look at the "composition" was fascinating - botanical herbs? milk thistle? rosehips? dandelion root? Seriously, I can't make this stuff up. The dogs might be traumatized by a cross-Atlantic move but at least they are eating well!

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