Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day trip to Bury

We decided on Bury as our first official outing with the dogs. We couldn't fathom leaving them at the cottage after everything they've been through the last month. I think we also wanted to prove to ourselves that we can actually take them exploring with us and that we won't let them keep us from fulfilling our wanderlust. Besides, there are miles and miles of new places for them to sniff...

"Bury"as the locals call it, properly called Bury St Edmunds, is a historic market town in Suffolk, about a 30 minutes drive east of Cambridge. It's known for its medieval architecture and the beautiful Cathedral and Abbey gardens adjacent to the town center. 

We parked in an extended stay lot a short walk away from the town center. I was desperately in need of a coffee and was excited to try something local. I popped into the first cafe we spotted while Jason was on doggy-duty.

While waiting for our drinks, I could hear Dexter barking at something...turns out it was a British police officer. Good thing the officer thought he was cute. Next stop was a walk through the gardens with lots of sniffing for the pups and people watching for me. 

After our long walk, we decided it was time to put Fira and Dexter back in the car while we explored the rest of the town. I'm sure some of you are thinking, you left your dogs in the car?!?! But keep in mind we are still working out the kinks and figuring out what's best for them. We could tell they were ready to settle down and rest. And we would never, ever have left them in the car if it was summer. 

The day continued with touring the inside of the Cathedral...

Strolling through the town and browsing the shops...

Followed by a charming pub on a quiet side street. 

Before we secured our house in Cambridge, we contemplated living in Bury, but ultimately decided that it may not provide enough opportunities for us initially. I could definitely see us living here eventually. 

It was a successful first outing with the dogs and a great day overall. When we got back to the car, we snuck up on them and saw they were sound asleep! 

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  1. Fun day for all of are wonderful. Fira and Dexter look very cute wearing their matching raincoats! Love You~ xoxo