Sunday, June 22, 2014

72 Hours in DC

After a weekend of OT fun in April, I decided to catch a train down to DC to see a few more of my best girlfriends - such a treat! One of the luxuries of not working (at the time) was getting to do spontaneous side trips such as this. And how could I not go see them when I was only 45 min away?!?

My train arrived at Union Station where Svetty met me (on her way back from a barre method class, of course) and we walked over to her apartment on Capitol Hill. We thought we had some time to spare before getting ready for our jazz show in Georgetown that evening. After a rather firm text from DeAnna, however, we quickly realized we had to start getting ready right away otherwise we would be late! And the two of us are never late.

We UberX'd (btw, am I the last person to find out about this new trend?) it over to Georgetown and even had time for a quick photo!

The jazz show was incredible. Usually I enjoy more of a bluesy jazz that has a distinct rhythm, but this time the random, instrumental sounds really captured my interest! The musicians were extremely talented and fun to watch. 

After the show we walked over to a nearby piano bar and lucked out on front row seats.

Then Mr. Piano Man made fun of us for taking a selfie. Moments later he played a Beatles song and all was forgotten. 

By that point, we were all getting verrry tired so we decided to UberX it home and call it a night.

The next morning, Svetty and I spent a few hours of quality time sipping our coffee and catching up. In the afternoon, she had some work to do so I walked over to Union Station to do a little shopping. Later on, DeAnna picked me up and the two of us went back to her place while Svet finished her work. Nothing like couch surfing in DC!

DeAnna made me a deliciously STRONG cappuccino that just might have topped my special brew.

And I had the privilege of cuddling with these two kitties. Aren't they precious? Not as much as my two children dogs at home, but definitely the next best thing. 

After a few hours of relaxing, we spruced up for dinner in Dupont. DeAnna predicted that I would annoyingly ask for Mexican food after being in England.

She was right. Guacamole really isn't hard to make, but for some reason, British restaurants prefer to serve something that looks vaguely similar and comes from a squeeze bottle. This guacamole was delicious.

And the company was even better. A logger lady reunion!

Jennifer even brought cherry blossom toys for Fira and Dexter!

The following afternoon, DeAnna and I headed over to see the real cherry blossoms and meet up with Svetty. We were actually two days too early for peak bloom, but I was very excited to see them nonetheless. This was my first visit to DC during cherry blossom season.

Sherwood, we miss you!!

Later that evening, DeAnna and I continued with the Mexican theme. Don't worry, we didn't eat all of that food. 

On my last morning, we walked over to the zoo to see the new baby panda.

Svetty, DeAnna, and I had one last meal all together and I was off to the airport.  But first, I had to say goodbye to this handsome boy.

Fira was very excited about her new toys when I got home! 

Thanks for the hospitality, ladies. Cheers to wonderful girlfriends!! 

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